We have professional equipment of the latest technology. Our recording and editing equipment guarantees a FullHD and 4K quality result.

Human Team

“We like what we do”

After 30 years working in the audiovisual world, we want each job to be unique, different. We take care of every detail of the recording and editing to get the best result, thanks to our professionals.

Recording equipment

“The best quality”

Our recording team is formed by professionals of the sector that stand out for looking for the most creative image at every moment. We work with state-of-the-art equipment, in high quality, Full HD and 4K cinema cameras that guarantee the highest quality.

Editing Team

“Creative and Innovative”

Our editing team works to achieve the most innovative results. We edit each video with care and attention, shot by shot, so that the result is of the highest quality. For us, the final treatment of the image is essential.